Financial Intelligence Training – Money for Life




Do you run out of money before you run out of month?

Join property strategist Uwe Jacobs to get the answers you need to have money for life.

  • The process, procedures and protocols of getting financially fit and having money for life.
  • The planning, tools, and platforms used when creating the foundations for financial intelligence
  • This program helps you to confidently start, launch into, and build up your financial foundations and set up systems to always have money.
  • You will be learning the powerful levels when it comes to applying the rules of Financial Intelligence, which are very simple, yet for many unknown and hence unattainable.


Uwe leads you through the essential steps of securing your finances, from planning, right through to implementation, taking an in-depth look into:

  • Financial foundations for money for life
  • Savings first, the foundation of everything
  • Control your expense and income – be in control!
  • Make your savings multiply
  • Guard yourself from loss
  • Use your disposable income wisely
  • Establish passive income
  • Always increase your value and knowledge.

In this training, you learn the powerful steps of financial intelligence and having money for life, and how to use and implement this system for your life by:

  • Getting the foundations and understanding of financial intelligence
  • Understanding the process and implementation of the 7 rules to money for life
  • Exploring the various tools and aids
  • How to best apply and develop the system further for your own best use
  • And importantly how to implement those strategies for money for life


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