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Invest in your future with the right property investment strategy

Create an investment strategy that works for you

How do we do that?

Through our 7-Step Success System we provide accurate and unbiased investment guidance, training, and opportunity, while mitigating risk.

This proven system guides you through a step-by-step investment property process, ensuring everything is structured correctly from the start.

Our dedication to our clients goes beyond just the investment process. We take pride and joy in seeing our clients grow their wealth and improve their lifestyle through our tailored investment opportunities. With our stringent due diligence process, we pave the way for your success, ensuring that every opportunity meets your unique needs and goals.

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Property Friends specialises in providing solutions for people aspiring to financial independence, choices in retirement or leaving a legacy.

property investment Australia

House and land packages

Better, safer, more affordable 

We help you  identify your current position, pinpoint your desired outcome and develop the right strategy to deliver your outcome.

Our 7-Step Success System provides accurate, unbiased investment guidance, training and opportunity while mitigating risk.

76% of our clients are returning for their second, third, fourth… property investment. Something is obviously working here.

We do as we say and we say as we do!

NDIS SDA Registered Provider

Sustainable NDIS SDA property investment

Investors and tenants can simultaneously achieve a win-win situation.

These properties are specifically designed and built for a person with disability (PWD), to live in a community providing significant opportunity and enabling participation.

As an investor you have the advantage of a high income property with tremendous capital growth potential while at the same time providing a service to the community.

A true win-win !

Our past projects

We place great emphasis on mitigating risk through our proven investment strategy. Spending funds only on what really serves the investment is paramount. Our investments are strictly targeted in strategically selected towns/locations and feature customised designs, which in turn provide maximum rentability, thereby achieving great rental yield and at the same time long term capital gain.

invest in property
Property Investment Strategy
Property Investment Strategy
Property Investment Strategy
Property Investment Strategy
Property Investment Strategy Australia
Property Investment Strategy Australia
Property Investment Strategy Australia

How it works

Our 7 – Step Success System

Through this system we provide accurate, unbiased investment guidance, support and opportunity and mitigate risk.

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Evaluate & Discuss

Evaluate and discuss

Together we develop a personalised and customised strategy that will work for you.
Then we scan the market for the right investment that matches that strategy.
We support you all the way
Property Investment Strategy Australia

Strategy development

In our view, knowing WHAT your desired outcome should look like has to be the quintessential focus. And the next to is the plan of HOW to achieve this outcome.


While Property Friends does not provide financial advice, we can assist by referring you to trusted service providers.
The Building Process

The building process

Your portfolio needs to work for you and we will be on hand during the build

Ongoing Support

Ongoing support

We are striving for long-term relationships.
Good outcomes in property investments take time.
We provide NO CHARGE after-sales support.
Property Investment Strategy Australia

Continuous improvement cycle

The continuous improvement cycle maximises your return on investment


NDIS SDA Property Investment

House and Land Packages

Are you aspiring to financial independence, choices in retirement or leaving a legacy?

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