Property Friends assists investors to navigate the NDIS SDA market and secure positive returns with their investment.

Positive returns, positive impact

“Secure stable returns and make a positive impact with sustainable NDIS SDA property investment, assisted by Property Friends

Sustainable NDIS SDA property investment refers to investing in properties that not only meet the needs of people with disabilities but also have a positive impact on the environment and society. Property Friends can help investors achieve this by providing expert guidance on sustainable SDA property investment, including identifying suitable properties, managing the investment process, and providing ongoing support to ensure positive returns.

Investing in NDIS SDA property provides an opportunity to generate long-term, stable returns while also making a positive social impact. The demand for specialist disability accommodation is growing, and the government is actively encouraging investment in this area. Investing in NDIS SDA property can also provide a sense of purpose and satisfaction by contributing to improving the quality of life for people with disabilities. Additionally, with the right investment strategy, NDIS SDA property can offer tax benefits and the potential for capital growth.

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Testimonials from our “Friends”

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After deciding to buy NDIS property, and days of research and meetings with several NDIS Builders /Developers we finally decided to go with Property Friends. Uwe Jacobs & Team are professional Transparent and above all maintained a high level of Integrity standards throughout the process. It’s been two years since the purchase of our NDIS property and we are a very happy Client of Property Friends. I have been so happy with Property Friends that I have referred them to my Friends and wouldn’t hesitate to continue recommending them in future.

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Credibility… a rarity in the NDIS / SDA space, is what you get from Uwe Jacobs from Property Friends.

He will partner with you from start to finish of the project and continue to work with you from the initial tenancy to looking after any maintenance items.

I am an interstate investor with a tenanted NDIS SDA property in Townsville and I still have not visited the property which is a testament to the great system and work ethics that Property Friends brings on to the table.

Thanking you for making our investment such an easy process.

Vivek Jayapalan, Baulkham Hills, NSW


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