Build Your Dream, Secure Your Future: House and Land Packages for the Ambitious Investor

By Uwe Jacobs

Investing in property isn’t just about overnight success or churning and burning. It’s about building long-term security, securing choices in retirement, and leaving a legacy you can be proud of. As ambitious individuals, we understand the drive to achieve, the discipline to work hard, and the savvy mindset to seek out investments that work for us. In this pursuit of financial independence, have you considered a house and land package?

While first-time buyers and seasoned investors often weigh the pros and cons of buying versus building, there’s another streamlined option brimming with value: house and land packages at wholesale pricing using the services of a property strategist.

Imagine owning a brand-new home, tailored to your needs, situated in a vibrant community, and potentially saving thousands compared to a new single building in the same location. That’s the power of a house and land package. But before you embark on this exciting journey, let’s answer the key questions that will guide you toward your dream home:

1. Cost: Building a Secure Foundation

House and land packages can be surprisingly affordable, starting as low as $540,000. It’s crucial, however, to remember that price varies depending on size, features, and inclusions. Don’t forget to factor in registration fees and stamp duty! Choose a reputable builder transparent about pricing and costs. Thankfully, you can often secure your package with as little as a 5% land deposit and a 5% construction  deposit, or even just 5% for turnkey options.

2. Inclusions: Unpacking Value

What’s included in your package can vary between builders. Driveway, fencing, and landscaping? Some include them, others don’t. Do you want to have to do additional work to have to complete the house or do you want it ready to move in=Turnkey?

Clarity is key. Ask, compare, and choose the package that delivers the value you deserve. 

3. Time: Building at Your Pace

The timeline depends on whether your land is registered or not. Generally, expect a six to twelve-month wait after land purchase and design approval. But remember, building on registered land can fast-track the process significantly.

4. Customization: Building Your Vision

Don’t worry about cookie-cutter houses! While some builders offer limited design flexibility, others let you unleash your creativity. Switch up floorplans, choose flooring and finishes, personalize the façade, add an alfresco area, elevate with smart home features This is all about making every square metre of floor space count!

5. Incentives: Sweetening the Deal

As a first-time home buyer you might be eligible for the First Home Owner’s Grant. Plus, builders often offer special packages with luxury add-ons or upgrades at incredibly attractive prices.  Just make sure that the scope includes everything that you want, which is “no suprises”

6. Value for Money: Investing in Your Future

House and land packages are an affordable entry point into the world of property ownership. Not only do you save compared to single new built properties, but your brand-new home also enjoys potential for significant capital growth, especially in a strategic location. For investors, the option to subdivide or build multiple dwellings unlocks even greater financial possibilities.

Ready to make your dream a reality? Whether you’re upgrading, downsizing, or seeking a rock-solid investment, house and land packages offer incredible value. They present the opportunity to own a brand-new home, tailor it to your desires, and potentially save thousands, all while laying the foundation for a secure and prosperous future.

Contact Property Friends today. We’re seasoned professionals, driven by a 7 Step Success System that ensures precise, unbiased, and time-tested investment strategies. We are your trusted partner in achieving financial independence, securing choices in retirement, and leaving a legacy of success. Let’s build your dream, together.

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