Maximising Success for First-Time Property Investors: Exclusive Webinar

By Uwe Jacobs

In the journey towards financial independence, property investment emerges as a beacon of
hope for many. Yet, the path is riddled with complexities and challenges that only a few manage
to navigate successfully. The stark reality is that, while the pursuit of financial freedom is
universal, the achievement of it remains elusive for the majority. The key to unlocking this
puzzle? Knowledge.

The power of knowledge cannot be overstated, especially when venturing into the realm of
property investment for the first time. The landscape is vast, the stakes are high, and the
information is overwhelming. It’s a common scenario: aspiring investors stepping into the market
with dreams of building wealth, only to find themselves lost in a mase of decisions and
uncertainties. But what if you could change that narrative for yourself?

Enter the world of expert guidance. Imagine having a roadmap, a compass, and a seasoned
guide all at your disposal. This is precisely what we offer at our upcoming webinar, designed for
those who are determined to achieve financial independence through property investment.

Why Attend Our Webinar?
Our exclusive online event is tailored for both newcomers and seasoned investors looking to
expand their property investment portfolios. Spearheaded by Uwe Jacobs from Property Friends
and Leanne Watson from Your Finance Angels, this webinar is more than just a presentation; it’s
a gateway to transforming your financial future.

Here’s What You Can Expect to Learn:

  • Strategies to Kickstart or Grow Your Property Investment Portfolio: Uncover proven
    methods to either take your first step into property investment or to scale your existing portfolio
  • Understanding Rental Yield vs. Capital Gains: Gain insights into the dynamics of rental yield
    and capital gains, and how they play a crucial role in your investment decisions.
  • Discovering Australia’s Latest Property Hotspots: Learn about the current prime locations
    for property investment in Australia, ensuring your investments are strategically placed.
  • Securing Your Finance with Leanne’s Top 5 Ways: Leanne Watson will share her expertise
    on the best ways to secure finance, a critical component of successful property investment.
  • Financing Secrets Banks Don’t Want You to Know: Dive into some of the lesser-known
    aspects of financing that can give you an edge in your investment journey.

Why Our Speakers?

Uwe Jacobs and Leanne Watson bring a wealth of experience and a track record of success to
the table. With over 18 years of helping families improve their financial positions through the 7
Step Success System, Property Friends has proven that financial independence through
property is attainable for anyone willing to apply the system with diligence and consistency.

Leanne Watson, with more than 23 years in the finance industry, understands the complexities
of securing finance in a constantly changing landscape. Her mission is to empower her clients to
use financial products to their advantage, ensuring they grow their net wealth through property.

Limited Seats Available

We believe in quality over quantity. This webinar is limited to 20 participants to ensure an
intimate setting where interactive Q&A sessions can provide personalised advice and solutions.
Scheduled for 11th April 2024, at 7 PM, for approximately 60 minutes, this event promises to be
a cornerstone in your journey to financial independence.

Don’t let this opportunity pass you by. Reserve your seat now and take the first step towards
securing your financial future through property investment. Join us for an evening of invaluable
insights and let us help you navigate the path to a lifestyle of choice and prosperity.


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